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Training &
Professional Development

We offer various certification-intended trainings and complementary services that put you on a start-to-finish path to enter & sustain yourself in the Peer Professional & Substance Use Prevention field. Our priority is to help you get there.


Recovery Coach Academy

Become familiarized with fundamental recovery principles and discover how to remove barriers and obstacles in recovery.

Recovery Coach + Ethics

in convenience. Take Recovery Coach and Ethics in one setting!


Learn to maintain and uphold ethical standards in even the most tempting situations. 


*Our Curriculum! 

We enhanced MAT to include the life-saving NARCAN, and its training; the first of its kind! 

You took all of the trainings... But what now?

Continuation to Certification

Not taking into account the busy life you may have, becoming a CRPA/CARC itself can be an extensive process, and it requires much attention to detail. We of all people know what it's like to need a little help. Let us help you with all of the facets that CRPA and CARC requires:


- Application filling & fee
- IC&RC Peer Recovery Exam prep, taking, & fee
- Volunteer hours & supervision
- Employment help


- Application filling & fee
- (Exam is suspended)
- Fee-for-service

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