Registration Steps:

Note: Registration is handled on a first come, first serve basis. In the event that spots fill up, you will receive a courtesy email.

Step One: Confirmation

Please confirm that you wish to register for the 30 hour Recovery Coach training on ___'s, starting on August __ - September __ . If confirmed, please continue.

Step Two: Recovery Coach Registration

Complete the registration process below for one of our upcoming Recovery Training events.

Training Request Sent!

We have received your training request. Your registration is complete! So far.. Please be sure to complete payment.


By registering, you agree to the payment policy below.

If there are spots available in the training, you should receive an emailed invoice shortly. You will see in the email you have the option to pay a deposit (of at least $100) or pay in full ($300) via PayPal. If you do not pay the minimum due within two days from the date of the invoice, your registry is null and void.
You must pay fully by ___, or a cancelation fee of $100 comes into effect & your registry is null and void.

PayPal is secure and we do not get your information. You do not need a PayPal account to pay.

We may use alternate ways of obtaining payment than the one described, and when we do that will be discussed fully with you. All policies still apply.

Paid? You're Complete!

You will be emailed a receipt; make sure to go back in the invoice email and read the "Note From Keep it Simple and Safe" and check your emails often, you will receive several, that give important information about the training.

Welcome to the training!

Any lack of due diligence on your part is not our responsibility.

NOTE: Once the training begins, there are NO refunds, what you paid becomes a usable credit that you can use to take the same training at a later date.

Have Questions?

If you have any further questions or concerns, click this button and fill the form with your concerns. We will get back to you soon!

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Wish to Cancel?

Click the button below, which will lead you to a cancellation form.

Payments are fully refundable until ___, then a cancellation fee of $100 comes into effect.

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We reserve the right to refuse training/refunding anyone who doesn't complete payment, can't be identified, inexcusably absent, or is problematic in the training.