Keep it Simple and Safe has been on the frontlines to ensure our community starts to receive life-saving information and resources.

We're looking to expand our efforts: a bigger team means a bigger impact.

We're opening internship, volunteer and employment opportunities (physical and remote!) predominantly in the New York area. They range from ongoing, occasional, and one-time commitments.

Find upcoming commitments below.

Good Samaritan

You will helping us handout NARCAN kits and overdose education at our first NARCAN Providing Marathon. You have 2 days you can choose to volunteer for.

Volunteer Now

Contribution Opportunities

Donate Remotely

You will see our donation boxes shown soon here ^ and soon in your area. 

The Good Samaritan Program

*Original to Us

You would help us intervene and care for dire needs such as overdose, homelessness, and hunger, deserving the name: Good Samaritan.

Leading Virtual Workshops

No skill or talent goes wasted here. From the comfort of your home, share a hobby, passion, or expertise! 

Internship Opportunities 

Trainer Mentorship

*Original to Us

With us, you will help conduct either a hybrid or virtual instructor-led training on how to implement recovery and wellness into one’s life or occupation.

You’ll get to participate in numerous trainings, to gain the proper training experience, under a certified trainer; and gain an entrepreneurial spirit to use all of the skills learned to one day train on your own. 

No prior experience is required.

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