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MAT/MER + NARCAN ©  Description

What is MAT?

MAT is Medication Assisted Treatment, or any medication that can treat Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) withdrawal symptoms. 

What is MER?

MER is Medication Enhanced Recovery (our own curriculum, but however does not skew far from similar curriculums such as MAR/MSR), which encompasses the recovery process overall for an individual suffering from addiction, and how MAT enhances it, not how it assists or supports it. 'Enhances' implies a better quality of the recovery, while assists/supports implies more of a minimal, non-significant segment of the entire process. But the truth is, MAT and access to it can be the difference between sobriety and continuing of usage; and with the founding and popularity of NARCAN, can be the difference of life and death.

What is NARCAN?

It is a life-saving and reversal medication used in the event of a suspected overdose. Its popular form comes as a nasal spray but it also comes in an injection form.

In This Training You Will Learn:

       - To Control Bias.
Often times we find ourselves ignoring or justifying our biases, but that only hinders the process of helping a recoveree.

        - Clinical Medications.
The basics of MAT, including many medications used to treat withdrawal symptoms, the benefits of MAT, and the effectiveness of each medication and procedures involved in the treatment process.

        - Treatment vs. Recovery. 
A lot of people generally assume (and with good reason) that treatment and recovery are closely related when in fact they are two completely different processes, and you will learn how to distinguish one from the another.

        - First 90 Days.
This is a secret! But just know it will require you, the professional, to commit to something!

        - Administration.
You will be able to demonstrate how to properly administer NARCAN.

Terms of Use:
©This curriculum is owned by us, except for the NARCAN (DOH) training portion, however, MER and Naloxone's inclusion IN MAT/MER is owned and copyrighted by us. Its only permitted use is for personal use when trained by us and for Keep it Simple and Safe LLC. to use fully. No entity can use, sell, monetize, distribute, outrightly copy in their own curriculum, or slightly change any part or interpretation of our curriculum to cover copying in one's own curriculum. Any trespassers of this will have legal consequences.


We recommend this training to relatively anyone, at any education or experience level: prospective or current Peer Professionals (recovery coaches, peer advocates, peer specialists, etc.) students, organizations, health care professionals, mental health professionals, anyone involved with criminal justice, and others in the general public and helping professions.

You are taking 2 trainings in 1, so you will receive 2 certificates, but you are not a certified professional.

However, this training does count toward various certifications, such as:

- Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC)*


Not sure of which certification/designation to pursue? You may want to join our Consultation Forum.


Even if you don't wish to use this for certification, you still come out with:

- a completed NARCAN training with a certificate of completion for proof
- a free NARCAN kit
a brand-new approach and useful knowledge for any field or experience. 

We want you to be able to apply your newfound skills whenever you see an overdose, to save a life, and then, continue to enhance the person’s path to recovery! 

Don't believe us? Take the training and try to prove us wrong.




Duration: usually 1 day

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$75: Deposit, then installment plan (Seating)

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