Ethics Training

Ethics  Description

What is Ethics?

Ethics is a professional training (complementary to Recovery Coach) that expounds on boundaries, basic protocols and standards everyone in the Substance Use Prevention field should follow. 

In This Training You Will Learn:

       - Responsibilities.
You will understand fundamental ethical concepts and what is expected of you as a Peer Professional.
        - Practicality.
You will learn different situations, circumstances, and causes that Ethics may be involved in, and how you should act in them.

       - Laws & Governing Bodies.
There are several laws and policies regarding Ethics you have to abide by when you become a professional in this field. You will learn them all to be fully competent and knowledgeable of your position, some including: NYCB's Code of Ethical Conduct, confidentiality, liability etc.

Ethics Details

We teach Pagan Ethics, the standard for Ethics curriculums, (thank you Dona!) and is specified for prospective and current Peer Professionals. 

You receive a certificate, but you are not a certified professional.

However, this training does count toward various certifications, such as:

- Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC)
- Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA)

(The positions above refer to NYS certification) 


Not sure of which certification/designation to pursue? You may want to join our Consultation Forum.


Our workshop offers a tailored approach in teaching how to help people heal from the effects of addiction, whether its before, during or after the recovery process. Our program will enlighten you like no other, because we will instill concepts in you to transfer to others that are simple to apply, and safe to use.




Duration: usually 2 dayS

We have in person & online options

We offer installment plans

Payment Options

Effective 7/20/21: These rates and policies are not for organizations.
Prices are subject to change at any time, be sure to check your invoice for the official price.

Materials are included in price.

$150: Paid Upfront

Refundable until deadline given.

This is simplest of all the methods, and is encouraged highly, especially to those who want flexibility over cost-effectiveness.

$75: Deposit, then installment plan (Seating)

Refundable until deadline given.

This method has cost-effective and flexible attributes to it, making this a popular choice. You still pay $150 in total, but sometimes it helps to break down the cost.

After you make your desired deposit ($75+), someone will personally  contact you and work with you on creating a fitting installment plan.


The training time and date & its proximity is the most important factor in deciding what payment option is best suited for you, so it may be best to consider them all as early as possible.

Whatever you choose, you will not regret choosing us as your trainer.

Ready to be Trained?

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Registry Schedule

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DATE: 2/7-2/25

 Mon-Thurs except the weeks of 2/14 and 2/21, those weeks are Tues-Fri, time: 4pm-8pm

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