Want to Become a CRPA?

What is a cRPA?

What is their main objective?

What are the benefits of becoming one?

A CRPA, or a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate is someone who has been acknowledged by the NYCB as someone who has the knowledge and capability of providing outreach, advocacy, mentoring, and recovery support services to those in or seeking recovery. 
This is a New York certification.

Their main objective is to teach self-advocacy, be a representative when requested, protect the recoveree's rights, and ensure that the chosen services are in line with recovery progress.

Out of all the designations, the CRPA has had the most provisions made for them. There's no guesswork in where or how you can work/operate. It's also the main certification that leads into an entry-level position.
So if you're looking for employment and to have a chance at climbing the ladder, this is your best bet.

To add, when you work as a CRPA, you automatically learn system navigation (because you belong to an established organization) and have vast resources at your disposal, unlike self-employed geared certifications.

And of course, having a certification expands your portfolio and is tangible proof of knowledge and competency.

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Ok, you're interested.. so what's required, you ask?

Trainings Required

There are 46 hours of training  required for you to take to be eligible of becoming a CRPA.

The specific trainings required are listed below. We suggest you take the trainings in the order given. We offer all right now, including as a bundle.

Recovery Coach Academy

30 Hours

Become familiarized with fundamental recovery principles and discover how to remove barriers and obstacles in recovery.


16 Hours

Learn to maintain and uphold ethical standards in even the most tempting situations. 

Recovery Coach + Ethics Bundle

46 hours

Consider this as your fast track to the CRPA, done in less than 2 weeks!

You took all of the trainings... But what now?

Continuation to Certification

Not taking into account the busy life you may have, becoming a CRPA itself can be an extensive process, and it requires much attention to detail. We of all people know what it's like to need a little help. Let us help you with all of the facets that CRPA requires:

To-Do List:

- Application filling & finding fee waivers/scholarships
- IC&RC Peer Recovery Exam prep, taking, & fee waiver/scholarship
- Volunteer hours & supervision

- Employment help

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